Traditional - Green - Alternative

There is more choice now than ever before in many of the difficult decisions we have to make throughout our lives. Nowadays, the choices we make for our loved ones' funeral service is no different.

Whilst for many, the traditional approach to funerals comprising of a church service or service at the local crematorium or cemetery chapel led by a priest, minister, humanist or independent celebrant and using a traditional style of coffin will always be the only way there are others who want something a little different. For instance, we can supply coffins made from Wicker, Willow, Bamboo, Wool or Cardboard to name just a few. There is also the option of a 'colourful coffin' where perhaps a loved ones' favourite football club or T.V. programme can be included in the design.

In Carlisle we are very fortunate to have the use of a beautiful natural woodland burial area in a secluded area of Carlisle Cemetery, Richardson Street. There are other natural burial grounds available to consider in our area in addition to this.

As well as being able to offer the use of  traditional funeral vehicles, many people may want to consider a horse drawn or motorcycle hearse to name a couple of different options.

Ultimately, using our extensive contacts and knowledge of the funeral profession, we are able to cater for everyone.

Our Suppliers - Keeping It Local

As a local independent family firm, we firmly believe in looking after other local businesses.‚Äč

We source our coffins, funeral stationary, floral tributes etc. all from local suppliers within a twenty mile radius.

Traditional, Green and Alternative Coffins

Below are just a few example pictures of the various different styles of coffins available. For all of the coffins pictured below, colours, designs, styles, wood types, handles etc. can all be changed according to taste;