Direct Cremation Service

This service is an unattended option and is not a traditional funeral service.

Therefore no mourners attend the cremation and there is no service.

We will bring the person who has died into our care from a local address (within 20 miles. If it is over this distance the charge of £1.85 per mile will apply) during normal office hours (outside office hours an additional fee of £150 is payable), we provide a simple coffin, transport the deceased to a Carlisle Crematorium in a private vehicle at a day and time of our choosing usually within 10 days of completion of the necessary paperwork and usually either 09:00am or 09:15am at the crematorium on the appointed day. Third party fees such as the Doctor’s fee (if applicable) and the crematorium fee are included within this option.

Cremated remains will be returned to the next of kin/client within 14 days from the date of cremation. The full cost of this service must be paid in advance. 

  • Direct Cremation Service - £1626.00.

We also offer a ‘Direct Burial Service’ which is as above in terms of no attendance and no service but prices for this can vary depending on where the interment is to take place. Our professional fees for this option remain at £825.00 not inclusive of grave purchase or interment fee. Please contact us for further advice on (01228) 544905.